Choosing the Best Choir Robe for Children


Choir robes are one of the most important things for any choir, especially for children`s choir – it makes them feel grown up, serious, professional and they do a better job, unified like that. Besides, they look so much better on stage if they are all performing in the same colors and same shape – like little angels singing and swaying.

If you have been selected to choose the choir robes for your child`s choir group you should know a few things before you go into the store or order online.


Include the children into the whole process of choosing. After all, they are going to wear it and they should be the ones who have a say in all of it. Your child will be much happier if he or she is wearing a color that suits them and that they like. Of course, this will not be an easy thing to do since they are small children and their preferences will be different. But you should be a good leader and get them compromise like grownups.
Get their parents involved too – they will like to have a say in the matter. Everyone`s opinion should count if you want to have both happy parents and children. Again, this might be difficult, especially with a large group, but compromises will help you get to your end solution.

Length is an important factor. One length will most certainly not fit all of your choir`s children so it`s best that you measure them all once you settle upon the length. There are two choices – ankle length and knee length. In order for a certain length to fit them all alike, you should measure all the children precisely.


Another important thing to consider is the type of material your choir robes are going to be made of. Children don`t like being uncomfortable and unlike adults, they will react to any itch and their performance will be affected. Make sure that the material is light and soft – the children also tend to get messy a lot so you should pick something that is not hard to wash and maintain. The material is also supposed to be hypoallergenic to prevent any allergy attacks for children that might have allergies. Remember that one of the most important things to children is that they are comfortable.

The choir robes should not fit too tightly around their necks or they will bother them.

The robes should be easy to put on and take off – Velcro is a good option, especially if you have very young members of the choir.

All in all, the choir robes are very important and they should be carefully chosen. What matters is that they are comfortable, safe and that the robes are to everyone`s taste.